#2 Rye’z & Shine

#2 Rye’z & Shine

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Rye, caramel, toffee, toasted oak

We are not afraid to admit we’ve made mistakes along the way, and not all things go as planned. Like our first attempt at a rye whiskey…”shh, we don’t talk about those days”… However, with time, patience, hard work and determination- all things shall persevere! Take our #2 for example. After an unsuccessful attempt in making the original, we gritted our teeth and went back for round 2 and came out on top with a T.K.O. Rye based spirit! Where Rye and Moonshine meet in a harmonious relationship. Our Golden, non-traditional, Rye-style spirit packs immense flavor! Starting with a distinct rye taste and imbued with the complex flavors caramel and toffee, this spirit has a wonderfully, and surprisingly, mellow semi-dry toasted oak finish. Remember- In the face of any failure- brush it off, kick the dust up, and “Rye’z & Shine!“.