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A moonshine makin’, no BS takin’ kind of guy

Clervin Zimmerman is a moonshine makin’, no BS takin’ kind of guy. He was born in the Hegins Valley, and well, when you love a place, why leave. He never did, instead he built Jackazz Distilling from the ground up, right down to the stills. His community means a lot to him, and everyone who knows Clervin knows that he is hell bent on keeping the valley peaceful. He has no use for riff-raff, so if you’re causing it, he may just show up with Guns a’ Blazin’. Metaphorically speaking of course.

Check out this customer-made documentary!

Proud to be a JackAzz

These days when people call you a jackass it is because you stood up for your family, friends, and/or freedom and don’t care who it offends. Hence the name: Jackazz Distilling. You’ll never have to wonder what we stand for or what’s on our minds. We tell it how it is, and if that earns us the name Jackazz... good!

The legend of the mule shoe

When he was just a sprout Clervin found an old, crooked mule shoe. Legend has it that if the opening of the shoe is pointed up, it’ll bring you wealth and prosperity. He still has that old mule shoe, and we included it in our company logo.

Taste the difference

Jackazz Distilling is a family owned and operated business, and firmly believes in supporting other small businesses. Everyone partakes in the distilling process; including the packaging or grinding the locally sourced corn that we use for the fermentation process. Everything we create is from scratch, and the quality shows when tasting the difference. From start to finish, our spirits are known for the homemade delicious taste. Our customers say, "It's as smooth as a glass of sweet tea". Because we double distill for the best quality, there is a clean finish with no burn on the end. Our goal is to produce only the best quality of alcohol, that is second to none.  Come out to see the family and give our products a try!

Annual Christmas Benefit & Fundraiser

Clervin Zimmerman

Owner/CEO, Father

Angela Zimmerman

Store Manager, Mother

Tiffany Yingling

C.O.O, Graphics, Event Coordinator, Networking, Marketing, Daughter

AJ Yingling

Assistant Distillery Manager, Son-in-law

Candis Reinoehl

Assistant Store Manager, Marketing, Daughter